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VirtualEventProducers.com is an online community that connects meeting and event planners with resources to help them successfully plan, launch and execute their next online event. Membership benefits include getting access to interviews, newsletters, workshops, industry tips and the ability to network with other career-minded professionals in this emerging industry.


Along with our flagship courses on such topics as Taking Your In-Person Event Online, we'll offer interactive online workshops to help you learn the best strategies and tactics for planning, launching and running your online event.


In any business, it's often been said that your network determines your net worth. We strive to create the most supportive community to help you reach your event business goals. Virtual event planning is not your hobby! Network with other meeting and event professionals, get feedback on your event plans and develop relationships to move your career forward.


Regardless of how you define event success, today's event planning industry is constantly changing. Stay on top of emerging issues like the coronavirus that could greatly impact your events business while positioning yourself to take advantage of new opportunities before everyone else does.

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